Purpose Based Investments

All of our investments are meant to solve a problem in the market.

Housing Shortage

Affordability Crisis

Student Housing

Unit expansion and rent–by–room allows us to increase affordable housing supply

Target Returns


Annual Cashflow

Our investors receive quarterly distributions on rental profits


Exit Return

Our renovation strategy allows us to increase a properties value and our 4–5 year hold allows the property to gain appreciation.



When we combine rental income, improvements and annual appreciation this is our target IRR to our investors.

What We Do



We acquire distressed or undervalued multi–family apartments.



We renovate and frequently increase # of rooms.



Renting by room allows us to get more than 2x the average rent.



After 3-5 years we sell the property with a large ROI.



We repeat this strategy to continue maximizing investor returns.

Our Strategy

Identify Top Properties

We analyze hundreds of deals so we can find the best one. We are searching for apartment buildings in areas with high housing demand.

Renovate Properties

We only invest in properties that have high value–add potential. This could be a renovation and/or increase the number of units in a building.

Rent Properties

We rent to long term residents and frequently try to rent by room to maximize revenue. Our investors reap the rewards of these high rents.

Sell Properties

All of our properties increase in value immediately after our renovation. Then after we have proven our rental revenue, we sell it to return profits to our investors.

Why Multi-Family?

Cash Flow

After all expenses are paid, quarterly distributions go out to investors.


Multifamily is less volatile and continues to outperform traditional stock based investments.

Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a tax write–off that enables you to keep more of your profits.


Forced appreciation through strategic value plays increase the overall value of the property.

Our priority is to make you money.

Joint Ventures

We are committed to forming strong alliances with aligned real estate investors, focusing on two key strategies: investing in build-for-rent development funds and pursuing private lending to broaden our real estate engagement. These strategies are designed to expand our market presence, enhance investor returns, and diversify our portfolio across various real estate asset classes.

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Invest With Us

All of our investments are meant to solve a problem in the market.

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