Investment Policy Statement

HomeFundr LP Multifamily Real Estate Fund

  • Generate a stable income stream through rental cash flows
  • Achieve long-term capital appreciation through property value appreciation
  • Diversify risk by investing in a portfolio of multifamily properties
Risk Tolerance
  • Moderate risk tolerance
  • Willing to accept short term fluctuations for long term growth
Investment Strategy
  • Providing mid-longterm housing solutions for students, travel nurses, and an influx in migration into the Cincinnati market
  • Increasing the quality and providing more supply in the high demand state of Florida
  • Target geographic areas with strong economic fundamentals and population growth
  • Acquire multifamily properties with value add potential
  • Rent By Room strategy
  • Commercial Property conversions into Multifamily
  • Implement strategic renovations and management to enhance property value
Portfolio Allocation*
  • 85% of the fund’s assets allocated to core, stabilized multifamily properties
  • 15% allocation designated for joint ventures through private lending or a real estate Fund of Funds investment (*Allocation may change based on market opportunities)
Exit Strategy
  • Evaluate exit opportunities based on market conditions and property performance
  • Consider selling properties to capture capital gains or refinancing for improved cash flow
Performance Metrics
  • Aim for an annualized total return of 8-15%, balancing income and capital appreciation
  • Regularly review and adjust the portfolio based on performance against benchmarks
Liquidity Management
  • Maintain a portion of the fund in liquid assets for operational needs and unexpected opportunities
  • Provide quarterly reports to investors detailing fund performance, property updates, and market analysis
  • BiWeekly Check-In meeting


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