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Why Affordable Housing is so Crucial in Florida At This Time

Florida, known for its sun-soaked beaches and tropical climate, has recently taken the limelight for another reason – its booming housing market. According to a recent study by Zillow, Florida has surpassed New York to become the second most-valuable US housing market. While this is a testament to the state’s growing appeal, it also underscores the urgent need for affordable housing.

At HomeFundr, our first fund is dedicated towards restoring multifamily buildings in distress to create more and better housing for the new incoming residents in Miami, Florida.


A Meteoric Rise

The US housing market’s total value surged by over $2.6 trillion in the past year, dispelling notions that increasing borrowing costs would trigger a prolonged slump. Such a leap can be attributed to a confluence of factors including low supply levels and the lock-in effect, where current mortgage borrowers are hesitant to let go of their economically favorable loans.

However, the gains are not uniform.

While places like California experienced a decline in housing prices since June 2022, Florida saw a monumental rise. The Sunshine State’s residential property value soared by $160 billion in the same period. This boom propelled Miami from the ninth-largest metropolitan housing market in May 2021 to the fifth-largest, surpassing even Washington DC.

Top 10 Most Valuable States

Florida has the second-most valuable real estate in the US


What’s Driving The Boom?

Florida, particularly cities like Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando, has witnessed a meteoric rise in housing values, surging by more than 80% since the onset of the pandemic. This astounding growth has led many to question its underpinnings. While several factors have played a role, some of the most prominent include:

Population Growth

As highlighted by Zillow, substantial population growth has been a major driver. People from northern states have been migrating to Florida in search of warmer climates, lower taxes, and an overall change in lifestyle. This trend was amplified during the pandemic as remote work became more common, allowing people to work from any location.

Low Mortgage Rates

Historically low mortgage rates have provided potential homeowners with favorable conditions to buy homes. These low rates increased buying power and made it more affordable for many individuals to enter the housing market.

Supply Constraints

While demand has surged, supply has struggled to keep pace. Several factors, including supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and rising material costs, have hampered new constructions. This mismatch between supply and demand has contributed to soaring prices.

Shift in Housing Preferences

The pandemic has shifted many people’s preferences when it comes to housing. With more time spent at home, many sought larger spaces, private outdoor areas, and home offices. Florida, with its spacious properties and favorable weather, became a prime target for those looking for such features.

Investment Opportunities

As housing values continued to rise, investors saw Florida’s real estate market as a lucrative opportunity. This led to increased buying activity, further driving up prices. Additionally, international buyers, attracted by the state’s luxury market and its potential for rental income, have also contributed to the demand.

State Policies

While the early stages of the pandemic saw a move away from densely populated areas, the latter stages have seen a resurgence in urban appeal. Cities like Miami and Tampa have benefited from this, with their cultural, entertainment, and economic opportunities drawing residents back.

Urban Resurgence

While the early stages of the pandemic saw a move away from densely populated areas, the latter stages have seen a resurgence in urban appeal. Cities like Miami and Tampa have benefited from this, with their cultural, entertainment, and economic opportunities drawing residents back.


The Implications

While on the surface, an escalating housing market might seem like a boon, it also poses challenges. With prices rising at such a rapid pace, many residents find themselves priced out of homes in their own cities. The dream of homeownership seems increasingly distant for many

This is where the role of funds like HomeFundr becomes invaluable. By focusing on multifamily real estate investment in Miami, HomeFundr aims to flip multifamily buildings in distress to create affordable housing options for residents. Their mission is not just about real estate – it’s about creating communities and ensuring that the Florida dream remains accessible to all.


The real estate scenario in Florida underscores the importance of creating affordable housing solutions. With the state’s housing market at an all-time high, we are stepping in to ensure that every resident has a place to call home. Be a part of an investment that has a real purpose and impacts real people’s lives in a positive way.

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